Which psychological causes are there of erectile dysfunction?

Many. Stress, : can be job-related anxiety: once a man experience this , he may become worried that he may experience it again .( performance anxiety) guilt and depression.
Stress. Any type of psychological stress will affect a man's ability to perform sexually. This will also affect his libido (sex drive) as well. The most common psychological stressors for erectile dysfunction include divorce, loss of job, financial stress, relationship discord, death in the family, and mental health issues such as bipolar disorder or depression.

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Does Psychological trauma due to distressing sexual experience causes erectile dysfunction? I have ED from 10 months after failed in sexual experience

It can. Yes, it can contribute but you should first see your doctor to rule out medical causes of ED, then address it's psychological consequences. Many medical conditions can be otherwise asymptomatic and yet cause ED as can many medications. You can most certainly be treated and regain normal sexual functioning along with return of your confidence. Read more...