Fiber is supposed to decrease colon cancer risk, but does chronic constipation increase the cancer risk even if a person eats tons of fiber?

Colon cancer. The relationship between high fiber intake and colon cancer is still somewhat controversial with studies going both ways. But a high fiber diet is beneficial in many other ways as well. There are no quality clinical data to suggest constipation is a risk factor for colon cancer.
Unlikely. A diet low in fiber is associated with colon cancer risk. Constipation has not been associated with increased cancer risk in huge population studies in japan and netherlands recently- in fact in the latter study colon cancer risk was less in patients with constipation!

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I am 43, based on my many symptoms and years of chronic constipation, would be wise to have a endoscopy and colonoscopy? My grandad had colon cancer

Yes. Talk to you primary care provider. Ask for a colonoscopy. If you get resistance talk to your health insurance company. You will get peace of mind from the scope. Hope this helps.
Colo screening. The uspstf recommends colon ca screening (one mean being colonoscopy) starting age 50 for most, earlier for those who are at higher risk. Higher risk population includes people with personal hx of colorectal ca or adenomatous polyps, personal hx of inflammatory bowel disease, strong family hx of colorectal ca or polyps, and known family history hereditary colo ca syndrome. Do you have any these?

Chronic constipation for years while on levothyroxine 50mcg. 25 y/o f. Type #1 on bristol. Thyroid blood work says it's controlled. Diet stinks. Past 2 weeks diarrhea, no appetite. Colon cancer?

Colon cancer is not. Common among young people unless there's a strong family history of it. U may just have ibs. Consider seeing a GI dr for a colonoscopy for reassurance. Check out this link. Take care! Http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/irritable-bowel-syndrome/ds00106. http://ibs. About. Com/od/ibsfood/a/herbsforibs. Htm.
Unlikely. There are many reasons for constipation and for diarrhea. Typically colon cancer presents with bloody stools or no symptoms. It's also unlikely in young people which is why colonoscopy screenings are recommended after age 50, unless you have significant risk factors like family history or other certain medical problems. If you have diarrhea for >2 weeks, you should seek medical attention.

27/f constipation no family of colon ca had chronic constipation colonoscopy done showed sessile serrated adenoma so scared! Why? Am I going to get ca

Not anymore. Polyps are benign if removed early like you have done. Only if you neglect them and let them grow, they can change into cancer. You should be fine, but your doctor would likely advise you to have repeat colonoscopy every 5 years or at least every 10 years because there is small risk of developing new polyps. But there is no reason to worry about cancer as long as you are having colonoscopy as advi.
Talk to your GI doc. The prevalence of cancer in these lesions may be as high as 5-16%. If the GI doctor removed the polyp with negative margins you will need surveillance with colonoscopies (time intervals determined by your GI doctor) to make sure that if you get more polyps later on, they are detected and removed early (before they turn into cancer).
Serrated adenoma. Any other cancer history? . Get an opinion from a board certified colo-rectal surgeon you may just need close survelience colonoscopy of the polyp was totally benign and removed with clear margins.