What kind of pre-test should I do to make sure that I don't have any fertility problem for me and husband. What about lupus test&can it affect pregnant?

Try first, maybe... Healthy couples typically won't need fertility tests before trying to conceive (80-90% will do so after one year of regular intercourse, 2x/week). After a year of "trying" with no success, then see a fertility specialist. If you have medical problems requiring chronic drugs or that potentially decrease fertility, or you are likely to have a "high risk" pregnancy, get an OB doctor now & get advice.
Fertility tests. Specific fertility testing is not recommended unless there is clearly a problem (eg., you've been trying at the right time of the cycle for over a year). The most important data to collect for you is your basal body temperature chart to be sure that you are ovulating each month.. Lupus anticoagulant factor can cause repeated miscarriages, but this is usually only tested if you've had one.