Is vertigo sign of stroke?

NONSPECIFIC . Vertigo is a condition of a whirling dysequilibrium, and could be due to inner ear, medication rxtn, or brainstem ischemia. On it's own, would be unlikely to be a sign of a stroke, as other nearby nerve cells would also be affected, creating a multi-symptom complex. Your describe a hemorrhagic stroke, and if it affected cerebellum or brainstem, vertigo will be a part of this.
Rarely. Vertigo would be an unusual symptom of stroke. Dizziness or a spinning room sensation (vertigo) can sometimes be caused by blockage of the arteries in the back of the neck (vertebral arteries) but it is more likely that to be caused by inner ear problems. If you have already suffered a stroke and are having vertigo you should talk to your doctor. You may be at risk for another stroke.