I am addicted to Coricidin cough and cold hbp. I take 16 pills a day. Everyday. What is this doing to my body? How can I stop?

Red flag red flag. Any addiction must be addressed. Now with appropriate treatment you won't have to worry about the fate of your body or any other fear. Discuss this with your doctor tomorrow. Why? This is serious, no more time to kill. And i really am on your side..
COUGH SYRUP ADDICTIO. Corcidin cough syrup contains chlophinarmine which is an anthistamine and dextromethorphan which is a cogh suppressant.It seems to me that you are addcted to dexomethorphan and you have an addiction problem.You should seek medical attention before it is too late.Too much of chlophinarmine can also cause serious side effects and can lead to irregular beat of your heart and dex addiction is serious.