I have a adiction to a cold medicine. I want to stop. What is this doing to my body? How can I stop?

Like a hallucinogen. I am assusming yo u are using cold medicine with dextrometrophan known as candy, ” “c-c-c, ” “dex, ” “dm, ” “drex, ” “reddevils, ” “robo, ” “rojo, ” “skittles, ” “tussin, ” “velvet, ” and “vitamin d. Can cause bizarre and hyperactive behavior, nystagmus, ataxia, hallucinations, CNS depression, and a false-positive urine test for pcp.2 look for help current treatment available is naltrexone.
Addiction to cold me. It is difficult to answer your question without knowing what cold medicine you think you are addicted to and what you call addiction. Sometime people confuse dependence on a medicine as addiction. Only over the counter medicines you can get addicted are dexomethorphan which is really a cough ingridient in some cold meds, other comes to my mind is psedoephedrine, some anti histamines can cause dependan.