What is optimal bmi?

Overweight / obesity. Optimal bmi is 20-25 kg/m2. Overweight is 25-30, obese is more than 30. However, this is a guide, and individuals may vary. Bmi is just weight/height, so someone (usually a male) who is stocky and muscular can have a high bmi yet be very lean.
20 to 25. 20 to 25 is where we like it to be. For men with lots of muscle mass they can go a bit higher. One easy way to track and keep your numbers in range is by using health gaming applications which help you interpret your health numbers from connected health devices. More at www.personalmedicineplus.com.

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What's the optimal number on the BMI to be?

What's right for you. Muscle guy john cena, with almost no body fat, is "obese" and many elite runners are "underweight". The bmi is just a number and wasn't even developed for individuals. Your waist size is a better gauge of your health risks. Your ideal weight is what looks and feels best to you while you can do the sports you enjoy most. A man needs no body fat, a woman just a little. You're not a number. Read more...