How many miles to run a day?

I actually dissent. Having run for forty years, i believe that running does not have to cause injury if there is no intenal pathology. I would start slow with a walk/ run combo. I would then gradually increase to 20-30 minutes running 3-5 times per week i think the duration or distance covered is more important than the speed. Oviously the speed will naturally increase with a training effect.
Distance. Depending on your age & physical condition, walking may be a better choice as there is less impact on ankles, knees, & hips. Distance may be less important that the speed with which you cover the distance. Try a mile at normal pace; work to decrease the time to do the mile. Pool aerobics are another low impact, healthful exercise.

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How many miles should you run a day?

Running. Interesting question. Depends on what your goals are. To you aspire to run a marathon or interested in general health. If you are not a runner i suggest you follow the beginners running program on runners world.Com. Read more...