Can adding hCG shots while taking femara (letrozole) for infertility improve the chances of conceiving?

Sometimes. A properly-timed HCG shot can be used as a 'trigger' for ovulation. Women who develop a dominant follicle with Femara (letrozole) but don't ovulate appropriately (or at all) can be triggered with hcg.

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Taking 2.5 mg of femara (letrozole) & on cycle day 16 still no follicles. Wht's a normal follicle size and when should they appear? Whn cn I take the hCG shot?

Around 18, midcycle . A mature follicle is around 18 mm but may not release until about 26 mm. It is normal to have a mature follicle somewhere between days 11 and 14 though it can take longer. Your doc will not instruct you to take the HCG until at least one follicle is mature. Read more...