Chemotherapy for bowel cancer yes or no: stage 2a pt3 n0 mx, 1-2 mm margin of fat to serosa, moderately differentiated @ splenic flexure. Thankyou?

Stage IIA colon ca. Routine use of chemo for stage ii colon cancer is not recommended.For stage ii, chemo was associated with a small improvement in disease free survival that ranged from 4 to 7% but no overall survival benefit. In high risk stage ii ( lymph node taken <13; margin +/close, poorly diff, perforation, T4 etc) chemo either using 5fu or 5fu+oxaliplatin can be considered. Please discuss with your doctor.
No. The majority of oncologists would not administer chemotherapy in this situation. Large trials have failed to show a consistent benefit for patients with these tumor characteristics. Chemotherapy is usually reserved for node-positive colon cancer. That being said, every patient is different and deserves a personalized conversation regarding the risks and benefits of chemotherapy.