My question was I am having sweats after snyope but did not have them beforehand. I have a heart arrhythmia also.?

Go to the ER. If you have a history of an abnormal heartbeat and are now having sweating and passing out spells, you need to be evaluated by a heart specialist immediately, preferably at the er.
???? You have syncope and it sounds like the cause is unknown. Sweating before or after is nonspecific but implies cardiovascular etiology unless you are diabetic and have risk of low blood sugar. Hypoglycaemia does not however cause true syncope. You should seek an evaluation of your syncope from a specialist that do tilt testing and other cardiac work-up.
Cuold be arrythmia. Don't know what snyope is. If you mean syncope, the reason could be related to the cause of syncope. If it is vasovagal, generally it happens 'prior'to. If it is cardiac syncope, it could be after the episode.