What happens if your skin is pulled too tight during a tummy tuck?

Too tight tummy. Pulling the skin too tight can cause a few different problems. The most concerning issue is compromising the blood supply in the central area below the umbilicus and just above the incision. This can lead to problems healing with tissue death or wound separation or a widened scar.
2 tight => ? healing. Excessively taut repairs may compromise blood supply and subsequent healing of the skin. Excessively taut muscle repairs may produce feelings of difficulty taking a deep breath and in rare situations of abdominal hernias produce compromised respiratory compliance.
Many problems. Skin that is pulled too tight, no matter where in the body, will causes problems with blood supply to the incision, which eventually causes tissue death and/or infection due to the breakdown in skin integrity. On the opposite spectrum, scars tend to look worse with tension as well.
Tummy Tuck Technique. Making the skin of a tummy tuck too tight can definitely create problems in the recovery period. You could get wound separation or fluid collections, as in the image. For this reason I use the lockwood technique so that I do not have to use as much tension in the upper layers. Complications can still happen, but much less frequently. Dr. Ricardo rodriguez.
Trouble. A "too tight" tummy tuck can lead to distortion at the very least and wound breakdown or necrosis at the worst. This is not an operation for a rookie.
Too tight. Overpulling on the skin during a tummy tuck can cause high riding scars, widened scars or skin necrosis.