I had breast implants put in 6 months ago and just in the last 3 days in my left boob has been sore and even to lay on what could it be?

See Surgeon. There are many reasons why a patient may have discomfort 6 months after breast augmentation surgery. One of the potential causes include capsular contraction of the breast implant. Best to be seen by your plastic surgeon to rule out this condition; if it is present it may be treatable with medication. Sometimes, if the condition becomes severe, surgical intervention is necessary. Best wishes.
Depends. You still have your own breast tissue too! are you ovulating or having a period? Most women can have breast soreness worse in one breast than in the other, variable with hormones. You could be starting to get an infection. Watch for fever, redness of your skin, firmness , nipple discharge or worsening pain. Seek care for any of these problems or concerns.
Needs evaluation. See your surgeon promptly. This could be an early sign of infection around the implant, especially if you also have fever, or redness in the breast.
Muscle contracture. Most patients experience discomfort or random pain after months of a breast augmentation. The placement of the implant is a common factor to these symptoms. If behind the muscle, the pectoralis tends to contract and push the implant up or out causing discomfort and awkward sensation. Massaging techniques allow the implants to fall into the pocket, release the muscle and prevent excess scar tissue.