Is it safe to travel?  

In general -.yes. You can check: for health issues in areas you are considering traveling to. is also a go resource. If you checked these today (10 OCT 2014) you would receive important information about the Ebola Virus outbreak that is affecting West Africa. There are some significant health risks in some parts of the world.
Yes. Traveling is safe with proper preparation. Traveling by car? Seat belts and frequent rests to keep the drive alert are essential. Traveling abroad? Check the cdc.Gov/travel website for advice on how best to prepare. If you have chronic health problems, check with your doctor about how to manage your condition(s) while away. Have a wonderful time and enjoy your travels!

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My wife has factor IV lieden and is currently 7 weeks pregnant. Is it safe for to travel in april from south Africa to malaysia? Shes on clixane injectn

Ask your doc... Its best to ask your doc for sure. You will be out of the first trimester by April, so its probably safe. Clexane injections (low-molecular weight Heparin) are a good treatment for the Factor 5 Leiden mutation if you've had prior miscarriages. Usually you need to be on them through your pregnancy. Make sure you are able to take enough with you so you don't miss any daily doses. Best wishes! Read more...