I have been bleeding at random times for a month, and sometimes painful urination. Usually it is after sexual intercourse. What could be wrong?

Here are some... For a 23-yo lady, your symptoms would naturally worry about possible UTI, menstrual irregularity, or sex-related events. But how to pinpoint right origins of symptoms is still the initial key of care before treatment; how? Follow instructions described in http://formefirst.com/eNewsletter06.html & in http://formefirst.com/hematuria.html; altogether, you can work closely with doc to reach care goal.

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I havent had any sexual intercourse for 2 years until recently and I had a slight bleeding after sex and no pain and only for a moment. Please advise.

Normal occurrence. Dont worry. The mechanical effects of sex can cause simple abrasions in the vagina or surface of the cervix which might then bleed a little. Pain can be your guide in these situations. As long as you don't hurt and bleeding stops right away there's little to worry about. You might consider using lubricant and I'm trusting you are using protection from STD's because if not you'll need to be tested. Read more...

I am a 23 year old female who has had her eriod twice in two weeks, also I have had internal bleeding after sexual intercourse, yet there is no blood?

See your doctor! Not sure what you mean by internal bleeding but clearly you are concerned by your symptoms. Please call your doctor to be evaluated. Best of luck. Read more...