Can a kidney stone cause erectile dysfunction?

Kidney stone and ERD. Kidney stones are not known to cause erectile dysfunction (ed). See a urologist for more information and an exam. If it is you, at 25 you would not be expected to have ed.
Kidney Stones. Kidney stones cause pain, fever, bleeding and infection in the ureters and urethra. This could lead to some acute problems with libido and erections I am sure.

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Can 2cm kidney stone cause erectile dysfunction and groin pain on that same side?

Here are some ... A 2-cm kidney stone with no symptom would not affect your ability to erect penis for sex. However, its potentially related events such as severe pain, sepsis, use of pain medications, etc. will temporarily affect erection to a degree. That is naturally expected in life. Remember: Life is a changing, adjusting process of constant struggle to cope with reality, certainty, & uncertainty for survival. Read more...