I gave up smoking 6 weeks ago and now my chest keeps getting tight & wheezy. Could this b cos my lungs r clearing out. Its got a funny taste. Like when inf?

Mutual support helps. Consider attending a meeting of nicotine anonymous.
Lungs have woken up. Smoking deposits tar in the lung. Little waving hairlike structures line the airways and move debris out via wave like motions. One puff of nicotine paralyses these "cilia" for 20 minutes. Once the nicotine stops these guys start to work moving the tar out. For six months you will have increased cough and might need antibiotics. The taste could well be infection and wheeze may need inhaler.
Yes. You may even get a bronchitis, typically within first 2-3 mos after you quit. Get seen though. And congratulations, you've done a great thing for your health.