I have a swollen lymph node on top of coroided artery right side. Doc said its ok but I am always pushing to feel it. Will pushing on arteries kill me?

No. If you push on both sides at the same time it can make you pass out, but casual pushing on one side will not hurt anything.
No. However, this should be evaluated to make sure that it is not a tumor on top of the carotid (carotid body tumor). This can be evaluated with a simple ultrasound test of the arteries. Pressing on the arteries can cause lightheadedness, and could be dangerous if there is plaque or blockage in the arteries.

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Swollen lymph node on top of right CAROITED artery. It measures about 1.5 cm. Doc said its benign. Can this cause complications since its on artery?

Possibly. At node on the neurovascular bundle, that is carotid artery, jugular vein and vagus n.. is in essence a jugular vein node which most often represents possible pathology. Frequently pharyngeal and thyroid lesions spread to this node. Without biopsy, if the node is firm a diagnosis cant be made. If an additional node or enlargement occurs then excisional biopsy needede. Read more...