I have a sore inside my lip with a white head and a purplish color. The purple area has spread around the sore and onto my outer lip. What is it?

Herpes? It sounds like this could be a cold sore, which is typically caused by the herpes simplex i virus. Note that this is not the std-form of herpes, which is generally herpes simplex ii and causes genital herpes. Anti-viral medicines can help. If this is a frequent occurrence, see your pcp for an evaluation.
See dentist. There can be several types of sores with some signs like your lesions. A mucole is a dark bump that could appear purple and white. It is simply a small salivary gland that backed-up like a balloon. There is a hemangioma which is a purplish bubble or spot that is like a blood blister. These two lesions are common on lip due to trama, injury or biting. Have your dentist check it.