Been running 99.4 temp off an on for couple mths. High pulse. Blood pressure 143/94. Ana positve 1; 640. Sed rate 30. Whats wrong? Cancer?

Hyperthyroidism. That constellation of symptoms, female gender, and your age, makes autoimmune hyperthyroidism a more likely cause. Stressing about cancer is making everything worse. These are not the signs of cancer. Start with a comprehensive evaluation that includes a physical and laboratory evaluation of your thyroid.
Let's narrow it down. Angie, concentrate of thyroid. Symptoms suggest, but diagnostic for, hyperthyroidism. The blood tests suggest an autoimmune component, which can attack the thyroid gland (autoimmune or hashimoto's thyroiditis) . Suggest more detailed antibody tests looking for antibody against your own thyroid. Start here and work your way down to less common things.