Difference between Fordyce spots and lip cancer for upper lip?

Big difference. Fordyce spots (or granules) are natural findings in the oral cavity. Lip cancer looks vastly different. Your oral surgeon should have a look.
Fordyce vs Cancer. Fordyce granules or spots are ectopic sebaceous glands and a "variation of normal". A lip malignancy - carcinoma, is abnormal and its clinical cause, presentation, and treatment are drastically different. If fordyce major cosmetic concern for you, co2 laser treatment may reduce appearance.

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I found white spots on my upper lip and went to doc who said Fordyce spots by just looking at them. Any chance could be lip cancer?

Not at all. The appearance and distribution is characteristic. You are young (18 Y.O.), probably do not have any aggravating factors like tobacco use, so i would not worry and trust the clinician. Read more...