What would be or cause a small lump on testicle to feel pointy like pen/pencil tip?

Scrotal "pearl" This is a calcified appendix testis or appendix epididymis and is quite benign, however, any testicular lump should be checked out by a urologist.
Testes masses. Most doctors will evaluate any abnormal lesion in the testes with a scrotal ultrasound. You need to be checked doctor.
Several things. A small, hard lump that is attaching to the testis itself could be cancerous..So check with your doc...Especially if this a new finding. If been there long time without change, it is less concerning. Spermatocele, cysts etc..Can be firm but often not too adherent to the testis itself. To be sure, check with your doc for an examination and possible ultrasound.. Good luck..