What medical treatment is recommended for patients with sars?  

Supportive care. Supportive care and respiratory and contact isolation - there is no effective antiviral drug.
Supportive. Symptomatic support for organs failing as a result of infection with this virus is crucial. There is no specific antiviral therapy available.

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Other then quarantine a patient, what are other treatments for someone infected with sars?

See below. Sars was an explosive outbreak of adult respiratory distress syndrome that started in hong kong in 2003. Within weeks of the outbreak it was determined that sars was caused by a novel coronavirus. There is no cure for sars it is treated by supportive measures. Corticosteroids, Alpha interferon and lopinavir/ritonavir have been used. Read more...
Irrelevant. Sars is not a public health issue as the source has been been identified and controlled. Quick identification of unusual infectious diseases will always be a challenge for healthcare. Read more...