Hi, I have a wound on my ankle and it is there since 4 years, it irritates me very much sometimes but so far it has not healed, used dermovate?

See your doctor. Any wound which has not healed in 4 weeks, let alone 4 years, needs to be evaluated by your doctor. It could represent a cancer or another serious condition which needs to be addressed.
Get a biopsy. Chronic nonhealing wound, and steroid use, ...This is concerning.. In rare case, skin cancer such as basal cell can ulcerate and thus prompting topical cream treatment. If you are not a diabetic etc..You definitely should have this checked out for a possible biopsy to see why... Good luck.
Non-healing wound. Don't mess around with this one. See a doctor to make sure it is not a cancer. Things should heal after a few weeks so any non-healing wound needs to be evaluated by a physician.
Non-healing leg sore. There are several reasons why a leg wound may not heal. These may be attributable to arterial, venous, lymphatic, neurologic changes as well as due to a tumor or infection to name a few. This cannot be determined here. Some solutions are simple but require compliance and other solutions may require a culture or biopsy. In any event you should be evaluated by a physician to guide the proper route.
Chronic ankle ulcer. I agree with all of the previous docs. With respect to my specialty, phlebology (assessment/treatment of chronic vein disease), ankle ulcers may be related to venous insufficiency (as suggested by drs harris/placik). In the course of your workup by a doc, make sure that such a possibility is explored. It is possible to heal ulcers in weeks if underlying venous insufficiency is properly addressed.
See a doctor. It is not normal for a wound to heal for 4 years. There could be a vascular disease causing this. You should see a doctor for evaluation and referral.
Needs good exam. This "wound" should be evaluated promptly by someone with experience in treating leg ulcers. It may be a skin cancer (easily cured by simple surgery), it might be a true ulcer coming from too little blood reaching the ankle due to clogged arteries, or, most commonly, it might be a venous ulcer caused by varicose or otherwise damaged veins. See a doctor soon!
Nonhealing wound. Non healing wounds are always worrisome. Sometimes, a wound comes to our attention after a minor trauma, and we associate that trauma with causing the wound. Frankly, however, a wound that has been present for so long is more suspect as being a skin cancer than as a result of a minor injury. I would see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. A biopsy of that wound may be necessary.
Lipoprotein a levels. It could be vasculitis due to high lipoprotein a levels - they cause itching check your levels if high need Niacin in high dose 2gm per day use Niacin flush to prevent flushing reaction.