I have hashimotos and pcos how hard will it be for me to get pregnant. I am not ovulating at the moment that I know of but have just gone gluten free.?

Might be harder. I don't see how the gluten free diet will help, but if you're thyroid levels are normal (blood tests can determine this) and your pcos is being adequately managed, your chances are higher. One of the hallmarks of pcos is anovulation or irregular menses, so getting this regular will improve your chances. This can be done with weight loss (very important) or medicines.
Please see doctor. This is a difficult question to answer because your condition is complicated by pcos. An underactive thyroid is easy to treat with levothyroxine once daily. However, pcos requires lifestyle modification and often medication to increase your likelihood to ovulate. A gluten free diet will not be helpful. In fact, gluten free foods are often higher in carbs which could worsen your condition.
How difficult? I have no way of determining how difficult it will be to get pregnant without a full evaluation that evaluates hormones, fallopian tubes, sperm testing and a uterine evaluation. Your age can also be a factor. It's impossible to provide meaningful info in 400 characters.