Could m. Catarrhalis bacteria entered my system when I got teeth cleaning. Felt like dentist was greasing my gums as he cleaned w this abbrasivedevice?

Yes, but not problem. First, dental instruments are all sterile, and many are disposable, so no concern about cross contamination. Second, there are hundreds of species of bacteria in the normal oral flora. Any manipulation (dental cleaning, brushing, flossing, eating, etc) can allow small amounts to enter your blood stream. The instruments your dentist used is not problematic. Keep going for cleanings.
No. The instruments that the dentist or hygienist uses are clean and should be sterile and for individual and disposable use so the chance is very very slim to none.
Wel... Any bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream during a dental cleaning or even when brushing your teeth at home. Because this is a regular occurrence, we don't usually worry about it. The bacterial load in the blood is pretty low from this, so your body should be able to easily clear this out.