Wrist pain and brusing with swelling lump in center?

Contusion. Could be a contusion and hematoma(bleeding). Without an injury it could be a partial rupture of a ganglion cyst. If you had more significant trauma it could be a fracture or ligament tear.
Wrist pain. If there is bruising, this may be due to trauma and the formation of a hematoma (blood collection). If there is no trauma, this may be due to a ganglion cyst. I recommend an evaluation with your primary care physician.
Most likely. Begin tumor called ganglion cyst, this the most common tumor on the wrist area. Other possibility could be synovitis (inflammations the joint lining. Other possibility what we call metacarpal boss. Please google those and see if look your problem. Check it out please .Good luck thank.

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Ulnar impaction. You might be born with a long ulna. When you move your wrist towards the little finger or load it you bump the wrist into the ulna. You should see a hand surgeon for an exam and x-rays. Read more...