I'm taking prenatal rveryday and excercising trying to get pregnant. Is it best to have sex every other day then to do it everyday.?

Get informed b4 TTC. Before trying to conceive (ttc), talk with a primary care doctor about evaluation of general health of both partners, get needed immunizations, avoid toxins like tobacco, alcohol, etc. Please see the answers in my guide to preconceptional health: https://www.Healthtap.Com/health_guide/55.
Doesn't matter. Whether you have sex every day or every other day doesn't matter as much as what time of the month you're doing it. You can't get pregnant unless you're ovulating (releasing an egg). That usually happens mid-cycle, but it is always 14 days from ovulation to period when you don't get pregnant. If you chart your periods, and you're regular, that can help you determine when you'll ovulate next.
Getting pregnant. If you're trying to get pregnant, have sex on the day of your ovulation +/- 2 days. Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days after you begin to menstruate. Also, sperm stay viable in the genital tract for about 2-3 days.