It has been 8 mos. After knee arthro hurt it jogging. Still painful. Will acupuncture help?

May need to stop. Often after knee surgery high impact activity needs to be modified or curtailed. I would recommend low or no impact aerobic activity instead like cycling or swimming as an example. Perhaps working with physical therapy may help but in any case have great running shoes replace every 6 months and rest knee with any pain until resolves. If pain still persists see your doctor.
Possibly. Acupuncture may be done as an adjunct or to aid in your recovery, but how you improve is more based on 2 factors: 1) what was found at arthroscopy and what was done (press your orthopedist to really describe the findings and what to expect), 2) how well you work with quad strengthening (if you are still limping or hobbling down stairs, then your pain is coming from the limping and quad weakness).