Iam currently overweight. Iam in the process of dieting and exercising. I have stretch marks in many areas of my body, will these go away?

Straie-stretch marks. Stretch marks, called straie, are small tears in the skin, caused by stretching of the skin during periods of growth. Many people get straie as teen agers when they are growing quickly. Women get them on their tummies when they are pregnant. Certain diseases, like cushings, and certain medicines, like steroids, can cause straie or make them worse. Retina cream, and laser therapy may help hide them.
Depends. They will probably fade with time but may never completely go away. You should consider seeing a dermatologist because tretinion cream and certain times of laser treatments may help diminish stretch marks but it really depends on the age of the stretch marks, your skin type, and other factors. Keep in mind these treatments may be expensive and only partly effective.