Remedies for pink eye?

Pink eye treatment. It depends on the cause. It could be an infection, tired eyes or even dry eyes. Consult with your primary care doctor.
Depends. Eyes can redden from infection (mostly viral in adults), allergy, irritation and internal inflammation. Bright red may be bleeding. If the vision is fine, there is no pain, and no pus, you can use lubricating drops, warm or cool soaks and wait a few days. If the symptoms persist, see your ophthalmologist to sort it out.

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What's a good at home remedy for pink eye?

Pink Eye. Pink eye is a problem. It is only a term that says the eyes are reddish pink. Usually due to a mild viral infection, the eyes may become "reddish pink" in other severe conditions, like uveitis, acute glaucoma as well. Therefore, a diagnosis by an ophthalmologist is essential. Assuming that it is pink eye, just warm moist compresses may suffice. Diagnosing is the most challenging part.

Are there any home remedies for pink eye?

See eye doctor. Artificial tears four times a day and cool compresses with a cold damp wash cloth and see eye doctor to verify diagnosis.
Not really. Pink eye is a self limited infection, it can resolve in 2 weeks by itself. Pink eye is usually bacterial but can be viral. Best treatment is to use antibiotic drops to shorten the recovery time?

Anyone know any good home remedies for pink eye?

See your doctor. Sorry but seeing a doctor is important to make sure of the diagnosis. Why? Because some forms of viral pink eye can lead to blindness if not properly diagnosed and treated. This is something that you should not skimp on..
Boric acid. The oldie but goody, boric acid eyewash, cold artificial tears, ice compress.
Social distance. If you use a boric acid eyewash, be sure that you boil the water first to sterilize it and then dissolve the boric acid. Also, any pink eye that is not improving in 24-48 hours means you should see a physician. The best home remedy is prevention, and that means social distancing from family menbers who have the condition, hand washing, not sharing pillows, towels, etc.

Can you suggest some home remedies for pink eye?

None really. Most "pinkeye" or conjunctivitis is actually viral, so eye drops, including antibiotics, are usually not effective. Viral conjunctivitis tends to run it's course in 7-10 days. It can be very contagious, spreading from one eye to the other or to other people. Hand washing is essential. To be certain it is not a more serious bacterial or fungal infection, you should see an ophthalmologist.

Are there any effective home remedies for pink eye?

Yes. If this just acute allergy exposure or dry eyes then cold applications to the eyelids for 20-30 seconds several times a day and otc allergy drops should help. If it is dry eyes then the first line of treatment is otc dry eye drops used frequently. If it is inflammatory or infectious this needs to be examined and treated by an ophthalmolgist, because it can be a sign of serious systemic or eye di.

Are there any home remedies for pink eye in children?

Viral conjunctivitis. Pink eye may be due to viral or bacterial infection, or particularly at this time of year, allergy. There are several otc products if you know what is causing the conjunctivitis, but the best thing to do is to check with the pediatrician and make sure this is not bacterial, which may require topical antibiotics.
Not really. Pink eye usually gets better by itself after a few days. It can't hurt to try some antibiotic drops if it persists.

Are their any helpful home remedies for pink-eye in a child?

Relief, not cure. Most pink eye in childhood and infancy is due to viral conjunctivitis. You can relieve the symptoms with warm soaks and bland eyedrops to clear out secretions. Sometimes there is bacterial infection - look for swelling, pus, crusting. If these are present see your ophthalmologist. Home remedies can relieve symptoms but not cure the problem.

Best home remedies to cure pink eye?

Pink eye. Cool compresses if the cause is allergy. Mild antibiotic eye drops if infection. Warm compresses applied to the closed eye to ease the discomfort.

What are some home remedies to cure pink eye?

Breast milk. Breast milk is a known treatment for pink eye, but it's not often easy to obtain. Some pink eye is viral or allergic, but most cases need a prescription antibiotic eye drop.