I got a callous between my baby toe and the next toe, I've tried to scale it down but can't get all the way to it. It there anything I can do?

Callus remover pads. Have you tried over the counter callus remover pads? They are like bandaids with medicine to help soften callouses. You can also see your doctor or a podiatrist to have it pared down with a scalpel.
Not being callous. You can try all the pads, spacers, Band-Aids and softeners you want: you need to find the cause. More than likely it has to do with either your shoes, socks and/or your anatomy. Attack the cause and your odds of success go up.
Try. A silicone toe separator. Very often a bone is the cause. Go to your podiatrist.
Yee a doctor. You need to see a podatrist to determine the cause and then treat the problem.
Many options. You may benefit with use of toe spacers, special moisturizers, and the use of a emory board or a pumice stone. Have it evaluated by your podiatrist to discuss your conservative an surgical options.