How much does humira (adalimumab) compromise my immune system?

No simple answer. Some physicians use t cell subsets to measure immune impairment but there are many other tests. It is actually quite hard to quantify easily.
Vigilance. Enough to worry about. If you didn't need a tnf-a antagonist you wouldn't be taking it. If this monoclonal antibody is not helping your crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, anklyosing spondylitis or psoriasis then it's not worth the risk. If your quality of life is improved than monitor yourself for fever, cough, chills suggestive of infection or swollen glans suggesting lymphoma & get attention.

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How much does taking weekly humira (adalimumab) injections lower my immune system?

Not definitive. It lowers resistance, but unclear how much. Essential is avoiding infectious exposure. Avoid individuals who have had live vaccines - for 30 days after vaccination.
Humira (adalimumab) Unable to predict how your immune system will be affected. As a monoclonal antibody it works by suppressing the autoantibodies attacking your joints in, I presume, rheum arthritis. But you just need to keep a daily journal if you start to get under the weather, because I would be more apt to start infectious treatments than on someone not taking humira (adalimumab). Ra also increase risk of illness.

Is there an immune system build up after discontinuing humira (adalimumab)?

Humira (adalimumab) The body makes tnf- Alpha as one of the proteins involved in systemic inflammation. When any tnf blocker is stopped inflammation will usually increase and the levels of many cytokines that are involved in inflammation increase as the systemic inflammation increases but tnf is only one protein that increases with increases in inflammation. There is not a build up.
Build Up?? Difficult to answer. Humira (adalimumab) does cause suppression of the immune system to help fight the autoimmune disease, so stopping will hopefully lead to an increase immune response, but on the flip side could also cause a worsening in the autoimmune disease.

Immune system build up after discontinuing humira, (adalimumab) can you tell me about this?

Humira (adalimumab) Clearance. It takes about 5-6 x the "half life" for the body to metabolize / excrete a medication from the body. The "half life" of Humira (adalimumab) is 10-20 days. The shortest time period it would take for Humira (adalimumab) to be cleared from your body would be 5x10 or 50 days (almost 2 months) and the longest would be 6x20 or 120 days (4 months). Probably after 3 months your immune system wouldn't see the effects of Humira (adalimumab)

I have uc. I take humira (adalimumab) bi weekly but still have active colitis. Wants me to do weekly humira (adalimumab). How much more does this suppress your immune system?

It does suppress it. In general, when someone takes humira (adalimumab) more frequently, their immune system will theoretically be more affected. That being said, no more tests will be needed. Also, one should assess the risk and the benefit of any intervention, because every intervention carries risk with it. Humira (adalimumab) here is trying to postpone the need for surgery.

Trying to boost my immune system. Can I take echinacea or astragalus while on humira (adalimumab) for as?

Not a good idea. You should talk to your rheumatologist first. Medicines to boost your immune system could make your autoimmune disease worse.
Humira (adalimumab) and herbs. Yes, however, there is no scientific data that these herbs will do anything. A healthy diet is the best way to boost your immune system.

Is it true that taking the combination of prednisone and Humira (adalimumab) for 6 months is not safe and suppresses the immune system completely?

MD supervision. Is mandatory while using those strong medications, counseling is important too, which I'm sure happened, yes steroids and biologicals suppress the immun system, but not permanently.