Is pulmonary fibrosis genetic?

In some casea. There are genetic forms of pulmonary fibrosis, familial pulmonary fibrosis, though most cases are though to be idiopathic (unknown causes), though considerable work is being done to identify genetic and other causes.
Small number of them. There is a genetic form of ipf. If more than one relative in your family has ild, then it may be beneficial to have a geneticist talk to you and your family prior to doing the test.

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How does one get pulmonary fibrosis? Is it genetic?

Unknown. At this time it is not known how pulmonary fibrosis occurs. It seems as if it is abnormal healing of the lungs resulting in an overgrowth of "scar tissue" from cells in the body known as fibroblasts. Approximately 1-2% of all fibrosis patients have familial pulmonary fibrosis (genetic cause) so it is rare to have other patients with the illness in your family. Read more...
Possibly. Pulmonary fibrosis is usually the result of chronic or recurrent inflammation of the lung, which subsequently leaves scarring in the lung, and can be due to environmental factors as well as genetic factors. Read more...