I'm throwing up and diabetic my blood sugar is low, but I can't keep anything down. No juice or food I just throw it back up, my blood sugar is 45 help?

EMS ASAP. Call ems. Don't try to drive. They can give you glucose prior to arriving in er. Don't take insulin. If you have glucose gel, can try that. Stay seated so you don't hurt yourself if you faint.
Stop med, call EMS. If you are taking diabetic medicines, stop it for now. Since you can't eat/drink and your sugar is dangerously low..Call ems asap.
ER. If you are diabetic having a blood sugar of 45 and keep throwing up, i'd go to a nearest er/uc, because it is a life threatening condition! don't take a chance of trying to stop it on your own, as it may turn out fatal in your case!