Is an ssri for fibro such as celexa (citalopram) much better for a fibro pat. Than just opiods, or also even if on opiods regularly due 2 chronic pain disablled!?

Yes. Opioid medications, while they often seem helpful in the short term, do not provide sustained benefit in patients with fibromyalgia, and can often make things worse. Ssri and snri medications, in association with a comprehensive multidisciplinary plan of care, are more reliably helpful.
Opioids can be bad. Many physicians argue that opioids have no role in fibro. I would certainly stay with an snri like Cymbalta or savella (milnacipran) along with a membrane stabilizing drug like lyrica.
Opioids the problem. If you have been on opioids for a while for other causes of pain, that may be the reason for your altered sense of pain that a non-sophisticated doctor might try to attribute to fibromyalgia. You ned to stabilize any opioids you are already on . Avoid all short acting agents and sedatives.