8 month since arthroscopic knee surgery, still hurts to walk. Do injections take pain away or should I get total knee replacement? Lots of pain : (

Post- op knee pain. Knee replacement depends on age and extent of damage. Still having pain could mean damage was too great to improve much, or you wern't given a chance3 to rehab it. Age is an important factor here.
Maybe. Without knowing the reason for the scope and the underlying pathology in your knee, the question is hard to answer. If your primary problem is oa then injections and pt may help. The injection may need either viscosupplementation or a steroid injection. If your oa is bad and you have failed injections and pt, then you may need a total knee to try and control your pain.
Depends on diagnosis. Arthroscopic debridement of a knee with degenerative disease without locking symptoms has been shown in numerous studies to not change the natural course of the disorder knee replacement hurt as well the question is can a new knee reduce your pain this depends on how much pain you are in now and how does this compare to the average total knee outcome your surgeon is the best person to ask.