Wife not interested in sex?

See a doctor. There are many potential causes for lack of libido (lack of interest in sex), both physical and psychological. At certain ages (around menopause) women frequently experience changes in hormones that can lead to this problem. You should also see your physician to make sure you are doing everything you can to help her be interested in intimacy.
Interest varies. Everyone has different levels of interest in sex, but in general men are much more interested in sex than women. Most women are more interested in companionship than the pure physical act of sexual intercourse. Get her some flowers, listen to her, cuddle a little first and you are much more likely to get what you want.

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My wife isn't interested in sex due to severe vaginal pain due to my large genitals but I want a kid, will keeping her unconscious & do it work or wat?

Not a good idea. This almost sounds like spousal rape. Don't do this. In all honesty if the purpose of the sex act is conception use ovulation prediction kits for better timing of sex. You could also use masturbation (either one of you could do this) and just press the tip of your penis just inside the labia at the time of ejaculation. With this method have her lie back for 20 minutes so semen stays inside. Read more...