How is kidney stone treated?

Small pass, big UroDr. Stones up to 5-6mm diameter can pass spontaneously, drink copiously. If stuck may require Flomax (tamsulosin) to dilate ureter, ureteroscopy or temp. Placement of jj stent. Electro-shockwave lithotripsy used for stones 6+-15 mm. Larger stones require percutaneous nephro-ltithotripsy (tube placed through skin into kidney, neproscope passed & stone fragmented with laser or lithoclast. Then metabolic work-up.
Urologic help. If the stone is passing we have a few options but if the stone is "locked" in the kidney it needs less attention.
Depends on size. Once kidney stone is confirmed by ct of kidneys treatment depends on size. Large stones needs to be surgically removed by urologists while smallers ones will pass. Push fluids and take pain meds. Sound waves can be used in lithotripsy to break up stones that can be naturally passed as well.