I been on my peroid for nine days I just started bc on sunday to help regulate it what is wrong witbh me why do I bleed long n I can't get pregnant?

A number of things. A number of things can cause irregular or heavy menses - you should see your physician and if at all possible keep track of when you have your period, how many days you bleed, etc for 3-4 months when you see them. They can help determine if there is something wrong or not.
Ask your doctor. Abnormal bleeding can be related to infections, hormone changes or anatomic abnormalities. Lack of ovulation is one of the main causes of abnormal bleeding and infertility. Birth control pills may control your bleeding but they sure won't help you get pregnant. You should have a hormonal work up if you want to get pregnant.
Bleeding on the Pill. Vaginal bleeding while on the pill is a common cause of method discontinuation. It happens in about 10% of patients starting these and may last up to 3 months. It is worth staying on the same pill for their long before switching. Of course, you should use added protection during the first pack when most failures happen.