How can I treat a UTI?

Antibiotics. Symptoms of a urinary tract infection include frequency (having to go all the time), urgency (having to go right now) and burning. First you need to see your doc to make sure that your symptoms are caused by an infection. Then you need to be treated with antibiotics. See your doc today to be evaluated.
See a doctor. A UTI or urinary tract infection is usually treated with antibiotics. However, it is important to determine if your symptoms are consistant with that diagnosis. Blood in the urine, frequent urination and burning are all possible symptoms. Fever and flank pain may also be present. A doctor can provide an antibotic and also advise on other therapies to help resolve the problem.
Antibiotics + fluids. You need a course of antibiotics, drink lots of water and urinate every 1 - 2 hours to flush out your bladder. Avoid caffeine and spicy foods. Good luck.
Antibioticss. First thing you need to do is verify you have a urinary tract infection. Some urinary symptoms like burning and frequency can have other causes. A simple urinalysis and culture can verify a urinary infection and antibiotics and medicine to help symptoms like burning can be prescribed. Drinking lots of fluids including cranberry juice can help but usually are not enough. See your family doctor.