How long does depression last?

Days to years. This question is more complicated than it sounds, as it depends how 'depression' is defined. Major depressive disorder, as described in dsm-iv, lasts at least 2 wks & sometimes up to several years. A very rough guideline is 6 mo if untreated. Other depressions are quick reactions lasting just hours or a few days, while depressive personality (usually mild) can be lifelong. All can be treated.
It varies. A major depression can last months to years. With treatment, this is shorter.

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How long does depression procedure last?

Depression procedure. I'm sorry, but I don't know what you mean by "depression procedure"? In many, depression is a chronic illness that requires treatment over time, and sometimes preventive maintenance too. Medications usually show effect within 4-6 weeks. (sometimes longer). Psychotherapy is also essential, but doesn't "work" immediately either. Rtms procedures last about 40 min, 5 days/week for 4-6 weeks.
Depression procedure. If you are asking about tms, the typical treatment is 37 minutes, from start to finish of when the treatment coil is placed on your head. This is a benign and highly effective treatment.

How long does minor depression last of not treated?

Depends. It can last from days, to weeks to months or longer. Minor today, major tomorrow. It would depend on the circumstances and the person and the way the person responds to depression and the events leading up to this. Remove the cause and the depression often goes away. Not always though. I would recommend talking to someone. Perhaps you should start with your pcp?
Just a definition. Major depressive disorder is a checklist of criteria for a specified duration. The condition fulfilling some of these criteria may go on to fulfil the criteria for major depression if untreated, or remit on its own.

How long does postnatal depression last? Do hormones take a long time to settle. I had my son 13 months ago

Can be a long delay. Depression is considered potnatal (parting) if it begins up to 1 year after birth. Intervention (often including medication) may be necessary for resolution. Exercise, appropriate nutrition including a good multivitamin supplement and definately fish oil can also help-at least 1000mg of a good quality fish oil I would also recommend evaluation by a psychiatrist -at least a counselor.

How long does post-partum depression last? Can it last indefinitely?

Depends, and yes. Each woman is different. Most post-partum depression lasts 4-6 months, and resolves once the woman's hormones settle back into their pre-pregnancy state. For some women, especially those who have a family or personal history of depression or mental illness, the mood disorder can persist. Medicine is a viable treatment option for both temporary and longer term depression.