I keep having pale color stool, I did several liver tests: hepathic comprehensive pannel, cbc, lipase, and amalyse. Everything turned out very normal.?

How pale? Blockage to flow of bile, within or outside the liver can cause pale (clay-colored) stool. Obstruction can be intermittent. If no sono done yet, might consider it as a screen for dilated bile ducts, stones, masses, etc. Might need additional tests. Meds? Diet? Other symptoms? Discuss with your doc.
Why pale stool color. Bile & your gut's bacterial flora account in large part for the color & volume of stool. Absence of bile results in pale (acholic) stool. Lots of other things also affect stool appearance: ingested foods, medications (like peptobismol, antacids), swallowed blood or bleeding from the gut, infection, inflammation, maldigestion, & the amount of mucus mixed with stool, as well as transit time of food.