I no longer see the psych who reccomended the neurologist. He said I look sedated. Do you think he took into account I'm on strong pain meds?

Complications. I read your comment to my colleague sharing further about your medications. It sounds like you have a very complex problem that might be best addressed by a pain managment physician. Someone to guide the use of your pain medicines, especially? A psychiatrist could work collaboratively with this physician to address any depression or other concerns, such as potential for addiction, etc.
Does he know? Does your psychiatrist know that you are on strong pain killers? Why are are you on them? Why are you being referred to a neurologist? Just for being sedated appearing?--probably not. I would suggest talking to your psychiatrist adn find out why you are being referred. Communication is so important and too often feels are hurt because we don't communicate. Best of luck to you.