What is better natural protein from food or protein from powders?

Best protein sources. Proteins best used by the body are plant based proteins such as lentils, beans, legumes, nuts/seeds, tofu, avocado, and plant based protein powders such as chia, maca and pea powder. Then followed by cold water fish, poultry (skinless and white meat), then wild game, other seafood as well as veal/lamb, followed by beef and pork due to how we raise them. Stick with organic meats and drink water.
Protein. Egg white is superior to all. Quinoa is excellent. Beans and lentils are excellent. Milk protein is excellent. Whole grains are good but not sufficient. Nuts are excellent. Yogurt is excellent. Whey powder is safe and effective but may have too many additives. Stay natural.
Diet. Protein from food is best unless you are bodybuilding and require fat-free protein source.