Due to acute left side abdom pain no food in over a wk. (doc thinks bowel inflamed).Will effects of no food show up in colonoscopy? (mask s/ thing else)

Not typically. Depending on age , lower left sided abdominal pain may be an indication of diverticulitis.This might be the " inflamed bowel" you are referring to.Putting the bowel at rest with clear liquids initially, and antibiotics usually helps.A. Ct scan of the abdomen/pelvis can help make the diagnosis.After you feel better, and the infection resolves , a colonoscopy is indicated to further evaluate the colon.
Diverticulitis? Inflammation of thin walled pockets in colon. Typically, acute left sided pain. Don't know you-could be ectopic pregnancy (an emergency), ureteral stone, hernia, other bowel [problem. Diverticulitis usually has fever, high white blood count. Ct scan (unless preg) best test to confirm. Don't like doing colonoscopy until inflammation is quieted, about 4-6wks after rx-increased risk of perforation.