I am seeing static or snowy bluring in both eyes, just in an arch. So that if I look at your face your mouth and eyebrows would be blurred out but all?

Need more info. It would help to know more. What's the duration, how frequent are the events? Do you get a headache following the visual event or other symptoms. Is this time of the day/ time of the month related? A number of disorders could produce such symptoms including migraine, the aura of partial epilepsy, and possibly retinal migraine. A neurologist or neuro-ophthalmologist would help clarify these issues.
Seek evaluation. I'm not exactly sure what you are describing but you should definitely take the time to have this evaluated. Any painless loss of vision is a concern and an ophthalmologist should be seen.
See opthomologist. Really need to get evaluated as this may be a problem with your retina. What is unusual is that it's in both eyes, leading to some concern about optic nerve or brain. Seriously, go asap.