I need advice how to reverse prediabetes and control pcos symptoms. I am at highest weight and have no relief from being tired and depressed.?

How about a book? Here is an excellent book by dr. Gabriel cousens: http://www.Amazon.Com/gp/aw/d/1556436912. It's a program that has helped many of my patients. Avoiding diabetes will require some lifestyle changes on your part. Good luck.
Pcos and prediabetes. I am assuming you have been diagnosed with pcos - the mainstain of treatment - which works into the prediabetes issue is metformin. Prediabetes while recognized does not at least yet have treatment consensus but using metformin to treat your pcos should also address the weight issue and prediabetes.
Weight/other problem. Safe weight reduction may well control your prediabetes and pcos symptoms. Please work with a doctor and/or a nutritionist. Also, you need to evaluate issues like thyroid disease and depression with a doctor. I would be happy to see you. Good luck!
Weight loss. Weight control/loss can reverse prediabetes. Diabetes is better postponed as it can have life long morbidity. Consult nutritionist for help with diet, in addition exercise should help.