My boyrfiend's hr is around 200 bps when he exercises hard. He is 33. Is that normal? It can be at that rate for an hour sometimes (while exercising).

Possibly. The widely used formula for calculating maximal heart rate is 220-age. It is generally recommended to exercise in a range of 60-85% of this max heart rate. That means he should not be exceeding about 160 bpm. The problem with this is that there is a great deal of individual variability, as much as 20 points. If he is not bothered by it then i would not be too worried.
Heart rate. You probably meant 220 beats per minutes.Maximum heart rate would normally be during excercise: 220bpm minus the age for a men and 226bpm minus the age for a female, and it should not remain that high after one hour, in his case the heart rate should probably be : 220-33=167bpm, he may want to seek advised from his doctor.