Have colonoscopy nxt fri. Due to pain when I eat, no food in few days. What effect will mag. Nit. Prep have on me after no food only liq.4 many days.?

Risk of colon preps. You are appropriately concerned about risks of colon preps. Regardless of type (lavage & osmotic agents, irritant laxatives, enemas) consideration should be given to: age, size, co-morbidlities, nutritional & hydration debilities, mobility, & help at home. Up to 50% may have nausea, vomiting, fullness/bloating, anal irritation. Greater risks result from fluid & electrolyte imbalance.Talk w/doctor.
Diarrhea. The prep for a colonoscopy will cause watery diarrhea. This ensures that your doctor can perform an effective colonoscopy.